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Africa today: Former death row prisoner graduates with law degree

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BBC World News has announced that in October, it will launch Africa Business Report, a new weekly flagship business TV programme, presented by Lerato Mbele, covering key business stories and trends from across Africa.

It will broadcast weekly on BBC World News. Africa Business Report will be produced from the BBC‘s production centre in Johannesburg [ ].

Lerato Mbele is presenter of Africa Business Report on BBC World News. Lerato joined the BBC in as presenter of flagship breakfast radio programme Newsday on the BBC World Service. Lerato Mbele is a South African journalist. Mbele is presenter of Africa Business Report on BBC World News.

Her career began as an intern at the SA Broadcasting Corporation, where she quickly rose through the ranks of the radio current affairs, to eventually host a diplomatic Programme titled the Ambassadors at SABC Africa.

Africa business report lerato mbele images
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