Explain how sujata bhatt presents different

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Sujata Bhatt: from Search for My Tongue This poem (or rather extract from a long poem) explores a familiar ambiguity in English - “tongue” refers both to the physical organ we use for speech, and the language we speak with it.

Sujata Bhatt was born in the Indian state of Gujarat, where her mother tongue was Gujarati. Later, her family lived for some years in the United States, where she learned English. Later, her family lived for some years in the United States, where she learned English.

Read "Not Many Love Poems" by Linda Chase with Rakuten Kobo. Transatlantic poems of love, loss, and celebration, this compilation features the work of an American poet based in the. That is why I have created this blog for you.

It will enable you to have access to different exercises, covering a variety of English language devices, to help with your GCSE revision. By Sujata Bhatt - How the writer presents these feelings.

Explain how sujata bhatt presents different
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