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High School Competitive Events

Empty Design Your community is opening a new scrupulously school, and you are a good of a committee to develop a broad portfolio for the new financial school. The first three 3 are known. Maryland FBLA was established in Aprilwith the first chartered chapter at Forest Park High School in Baltimore.

There are five administrative regions in Maryland FBLA, each headed by. This is a great opportunity to hear some great presentations, attend powerful workshops, and network with other FBLA members throughout the district. Business attire required NEHI FBLA Chapter, Opening Night, State Leadership Conference.

Future Business Leaders of America Washington FBLA is committed to preparing today's middle and high school students to become the business and community leaders of tomorrow. Over 5, students from chapters around the state participate in events, conferences, and competitions.

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FBLA (Future Business Leaders Of America) Congratulations to all the members of the Dakota Valley FBLA Chapter.

Activities & Clubs

The results of the Competitive Events are listed below. Create an electronic business presentation on a foreign country of your choice (which will include an outline of your topic) to be presented at an FBLA meeting.

Presentations must include: title slide, country information, things to know before traveling, making appointments, business dress, addressing others, gift-giving, entertaining, etc.

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