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There’s not much online about men getting into relationships with Gambian women, but lots of references to women “sex tourists” getting involved with younger Gambian men, often with heart-breaking results. Julie Dag, 50, from Bournemouth, thought she had met The One while on holiday in The Gambia in and married Lamin Sidibeh.

However, after he obtained a visa, he walked out of her life. Use Gambia Dating to connect with single men and women who want to find a partner!, Gambia Dating. New here? Sign in. Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Meet Local Singles Who Want to Date You. Meet women and men who want to make new friends, go on dates, or even find long-term love.

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According to a Gambian girl I met online, the local men are the number one reason why so many women are looking for love abroad. They treat their women like property. They expect them to do everything while they do nothing.

Gambian women - page 1 Gambian women looking for men
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