Handwriting analysis for left handers

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Handedness & Handwriting

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Some studies suggest that left-handed people are more creative (since being left-handed is associated with the right side of the brain), have better visual-spatial skills, and are less likely to develop arthritis.

The fact remains that just as many left handers write with a right hand slant as do right handers. And conversely, just as many right handers write with a backhand slant as do left handers.

When I teach classes on handwriting analysis, I always take along a set of about 20 writing samples stapled together. International Handwriting Analysis Review, 5, Abstract: This study examines whether left- right- and mixed-handers differ on attributes of handwriting in English.

After administering the handedness questionnaire to college students, 15 left- right- and mixed-handers each were selected for further investigation. Resources for left-handed learners is a constant request from readers. After getting another one earlier this month, I did some online research to find some left-handed handwriting pages to share.

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Nov 22,  · The above question is quite common and there is a reason to it. As i have observed, some of the left-handers have the tendency to write the strokes from up towards down and generally the right-handers write from down to up strokes.

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