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Jan 28,  · And this is Evey crossing the threshold scene Shadow Gallery – diegetic sound and mise en scene make clear that V is cultured – piles of book everywhere, old classic song (Ella Fitzgerald) – world that has been lost, with so many art works banned.

V for Vendetta is a action thriller film written and directed by the Wachowskis. It follows the character V and is set in a dystopian London in the late s.

After a prolonged conflict, The United Kingdom remains the only stable country but is under fascist regime.

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In the opening sequence of both The Dark Knight and V for Vendetta the genre of action thriller is established through the elements of sound, lighting, mise en scene and character. In V for Vendetta the dystopian totalitarian London setting is established in the parallel edited shots of Evey and V getting ready in their respective spaces.

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V for vendetta mis en scene
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